Eatin’ Good, Gaining Little

Happy early Thanksgiving to you and yours! To be honest Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year not just because I get to eat some good ol’ southern country soul food, but also the meaningful interactions that I get to have with family and friends. It seems the older I get the less I get a chance to see them. Before I get my grub on this week I figured that I would share a few tips that I use to help me avoid gaining the extra 10lb average holiday weight.

Have A Plan 

Remember the quote “By failing to prepare you prepare to fail?”  For Thanksgiving most people develop a plan including a list of ingredients and how to time the cooking to ensure a successful holiday dinner. Well, why not create a plan for yourself as well? When I enter the food line in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, I have a plan. I focus my eating efforts on my favorite foods. Honestly I could care less about turkey, I’m here for the MACARONI AND CHEESE! I fill my plate with my favorite sides and veggies. Don’t waste calories on food that you consider ‘okay’ just because it’s there. Like do you really like rice that much? As soon as you hear or see what’s on the menu, create a game plan for yourself. It ensures that you maximize your enjoyment and reduce excess calories.

Stick to The Plan 

You ever have a plan to do something, then the moment comes and you veer completely off course? It happens to the best of us. Do your best to stick to the plan. I like to remind myself how disgusting I will feel if I stuff my face with everything. Sometimes it helps to tell a close family member about your plan, so they call you out when you are going off course.

Pace Yourself

I promise the food will not run away if you don’t eat it fast enough. Eat a plate, let it digest, enjoy the company you are in, and then go for round two. If you don’t get to all of your favorites in the first round, just wait until you are hungry again before eating the second batch. You will be able to actually enjoy the flavor, when you aren’t forcing your stomach to hold an uncomfortable amount of food.


Lastly, enjoy yourself. Do not beat up on yourself for eating one too many bites. Any weight you do gain can be worked off with hard work. The more you prepare for events such as these, the less work you have to do later.

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