How I Loss 30lbs in 5 Months

In 2017, I loss 30lbs in five months thanks to South Beach Diet. I went from weighing 160lbs to 130lbs. Not only was I able to shed weight I’ve been trying to lose my entire life but most importantly I learned how to develop a healthy lifestyle for life. Ever since I’ve been eager to tell anyone who’s willing to listen. Recently my passion for the program has led to me to be recruited as a South Beach Diet Social Media Ambassador, so I figured now is as good as any time to share.

What was I doing before I started South Beach Diet

My weight has been a rollercoaster my entire life. Before being introduced to South Beach the only way I knew to lose weight was intermittent fasting, which only temporarily helps but is not healthy for the body. Before starting the program I thought I was eating healthy. I didn’t eat much meat and I ate majority vegetarian meals. The problem was not only were most of my meals lacking vegetables, but also when I went out on the weekends I would down beer like Kool-Aid and then get hungry on the way home and go through a drive thru. It also didn’t help that two ice cream shops were within walking distance of my apartment for my spontaneous cravings. I worked out 3-4x a week doing cardio, but it didn’t seem to do much.

Before SB

How I got involved?

While working out at my local gym I was recruited for an infomercial for the weight loss program. There was a casting process and I ended up being one of the lucky few selected to try it out. Starting in February 2017 South Beach Diet began sending me entrees and snacks.

What was it like?

To be completely honest, I’m a lazy cook and my sole intention when signing up was to secure FREE food. Initially I didn’t fully commit or take it seriously. I would follow the program during the week until I’d get invited out with friends and cheat. However, I still loss weight. Once I started to see the progress I got serious. South Beach Diet is structured into three phases.

  • Phase 1: Detox – 7 days of vegetables, nuts, and water (I loss 5lbs)
  • Phase 2: Diet – Lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grains (I loss 25lbs)
  • Phase 3: Lifestyle – It’s how you live the rest of your life (today)

As you can imagine judging by the little options in Phase 1, it was rough! I had nothing but cravings for sugar and greasy food as I chomped on carrots -trying to be strong. After the 7 days, my cravings subsided and my taste buds changed. I remember eating fruit for the first time and thinking “Wow, this is so sweet!” Phase II was easier and rewarding. The hardest part was staying committed for what started as a 3 month program and ended up being 5 months. However, it was so worth it. By the end I was feeling energized and no longer ashamed to wear a bikini at the beach. See the lovely ladies I did the shoot with below (I’m on the left).20180928_192917

What has it been like since ending the program?

I ended the program in July of 2017. I still follow the same meal plan structure. However, it’s hard when I travel for work and eat out a lot, so my weight has fluctuated between 130-137lbs. My saving grace is the fact I now know what food my body needs. I’ve learned how to make my body happy. In addition,  I now know how to control my weight. I refuse to allow my weight to increase to 140lbs. I’ve found a fantastic gym that keeps me engaged, motivated, and I’ve gained a good amount of lean muscle since.

Would I recommend the diet to friends or family?

Absolutely! I’m living proof that it works. It gives you the structure and food you need to achieve your goals. I’m blessed to have been chosen to experience it first hand for free. If losing weight is something that you are serious about, but you are unable to shell out the extra cash, I’d recommend focusing on giving your body the nutrients it needs. Avoid processed, sugary, fried, and oily foods. Only eat veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and very lean proteins. If you are serious about weight loss and have the ability to splurge, then by all means it’s worth it. It will give you everything you need and all you will need to do is commit. Regardless feel free to visit my Instagram account and blog for tips, recipes, and inspiration.

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  1. LP says:

    This is so exciting!!! ❤ You look incredible – can't wait to keep up with your posts.

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    1. Tyler-Rae says:

      Thanks love! 🙂


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