March and Beyond!

Hi everyone, By now you have probably noticed that I am terrible at keeping up with my updates. Forgive me. I won’t bore you with an essay on the last month. Instead this post will mostly be of pictures, so that you can get a visual recap.

Spring Break

Some friends and I traveled to New Zealand for break, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. We went to Auckland for a couple days, then to Queenstown. The sights were so unreal that some of my pictures look fake. Also, I am pretty sure that I participated in the most adventurous activities of my life. The trip consisted of Black water rafting, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting, and paragliding.



There are no pictures for this segment, but I would like to give you a brief overview of my experience interning abroad. Currently I am interning at ActionAid Australia, an international human rights organization. The Australia office is very focused on women’s rights. My role mostly consists of event planning for their upcoming comedy line up night ie. contacting potential sponsors and suppliers. Since internships are a new phenomenon in Australia, there is no distinguished role for interns. Therefore interns are given an equal amount of responsibility as any other employee. I was shocked on the first day when I was given a budget and trusted to represent the organization to the public. Nonetheless I have stepped up to the challenge and loved every minute of it. As soon as I joined the staff Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu (a small nation of 85 islands in the South Pacific). As soon as it hit, we had an assessment team on the ground to start creating partnerships with the locals. One of my favorite things about this organization is that they do not just give out aid to those in poverty, but they collaborate with the community to get to the root of their issues. I have had the opportunity to help with fundraising efforts and be a part of something larger than myself. Before I interviewed for the position I was unsure if I could find a way to sell myself as being passionate about human rights. After researching and speaking to the staff, I realized that we have a lot more in common than I thought. I have always been passionate about educating the masses on the benefits of eating real food (organic fruits, nuts, vegetables, beans, non-processed, and etc.). Also, I have always wanted to provide inexpensive quality solutions to increase healthy living. ActionAid works with many women in communities around the world to help them obtain and maintain farming rights to feed their families. Now that I have found a way to fuel my passion, I have decided to stay in Australia and start a career helping ActionAid support women all over the world (just kidding mom!). Although I will be leaving in about two weeks time, I will never forget the experience and skills that I have gained. Also, I will never forget the relationships that I have built at the organization. I have only been here a month, and I feel more like an employee than I have at any other internship.

Blue Mountains As part of a field trip for my literature class, we spent two nights in Katoomba located in the Blue Mountains. We visited sights that were associated with one of our novels, then we were free to explore.


Miscellaneous Since I have been working four days a week along with two days of class, my weekends have consisted of enjoying the city. Whether be nightlife or museums I have tried my best to take advantage of my little free time here. The pictures below consist of random adventures in and out of the city enjoy!


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