Hair Update!

Hello beautiful people!

I can’t apologize enough for my delayed post. Shout out to those of you who stayed on my back and held me accountable for slipping. These past couple weeks have been very hectic for me (not that that is an excuse).


If you remember, I am currently participating in my own self-made castor oil challenge. It consists of me applying castor oil at least three times a week as a sealant after moisturizing my hair. Since I’ve started, my hair has stayed moisturized longer and felt a lot softer. In the beginning I played with a lot of different ways of doing braid outs and twist outs. I will post a few pictures below. If you want to see my hairstyle updates on the regular feel free to follow my Instagram my username is thewaytoeuphoria. Right now I am trying to keep my hair in protective styles, because not only will it reduce manipulation, but I also do not have to the time to style my hair daily. Below is my before and after picture. I started the challenge on February 15th and ended it on April 15th. I took two after pictures the first one is of the length of the middle of my hair in the back, while the second of the right side in the back. I have different lengths in the back of my head, so I wanted to show each one. However, I did not take a before picture of the right back side of my hair, so the only growth you can see is from the middle. Before my hair was around 8.5-9in. After the challenge, my hair was somewhere between 10-11 inches. My hair grew about 1-1.5 inches in the past 60 days.

Other Hairstyles that I have had in the past couple of months below


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