Let’s Get Personal!

Hi everyone!

This is a really random post, but I got inspired to write. I promise I will do more updates within the next couple of weeks. Today I attended a women’s conference hosted by the 85 Broads club on my campus. It was an amazing experience. One of my favorite workshops was called “How to Find Your Dream Job.” Honestly, before it started I had debated on whether to leave and go to a different workshop, because I thought to myself I already know what my dream job is why am I here? Fortunately I stayed and one of our first activities was to create a vision statement, which is similar to a company’s mission statement. It was to be written in present tense and to portray where we want to be in the future some day. I have decided to share mine with you all along with why I chose the things that I did. Not only do I want to share tips about living a healthy lifestyle, but I want this to be a place where I can share personal experiences and be vulnerable with you. In return I hope that you can do the same with me as we grow together. So here goes!

Hi my name is Tyler-Rae James and 

I am the owner of an organic food and cosmetic production company 

               because I believe that it should not be hard to find unprocessed and harmless products

I am aware of how worthy I am of my blessings and the many to come
              because too often I allow the world to tell me what my worth is

I have a close relationship with God that I constantly nurture
               because too often I forget that I am not alone and that I do not have to do things on my own

I am able to be vulnerable with everyone around me whether they are friends or strangers
             because life is too short to constantly have surface deep conversations about the weather all the time

I am in love with the skin I am in from my curly hair to my thick boned physique
             because I am tired of chasing an image that society tells me will make me happy

I am constantly spreading knowledge about healthy living

           because too many people have been manipulated by media on what is “healthy” especially in low income areas

I am the owner of multiple properties including a self sufficient farm

           because I want my children to stay children as long as possible and gain memories that do not include the newest video game

I am a millionaire and I continue to work

            because I do what I love it never feels like I am actually working

I own multiple dogs that run free on my farm and they have Dog Whisperer style training
          because I love dogs and I will not let my allergies keep me from enjoying their company

I have a blog containing real life relatable experiences no matter how embarrassing they are
          because it is too easy for me to hide behind a mask avoiding personal connection

I am married to my best friend 
         because who else would I be willing to live with that long?

I am a person who does not let fear play a role in the decisions I make

         because fear is not of God and too often I give it control of my life


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