Welcome! New year, New body.

Greetings everyone! Join me on my journey through life as an undergraduate student incorporating health in every aspect of my life (body, relationships, habits, and so much more!).  Since I will be posting about such a large variety of things, my posts may appear a little random. I hope to build a relationship with you. I will be openly sharing personal experiences along with my successes and failures. In doing so, I hope to create an open environment for a supportive community to work together towards a common goal. Since the new year has just come around, I know many have made New Year’s resolutions regarding their bodies.

I gave up creating New Year’s resolutions a while ago. Instead I have created lifestyle goals that I strive for daily. Every few years they change. In the past my goals for my weight have consisted of having that perfect bikini body. In doing so, I would significantly decrease the amount of calories I was consuming and the very little things that I did eat would lack in nutrition. Although I would shed the pounds, as soon as I pigged out a few times they would come right back. Sometimes I would weigh even more than where I started.

In the past few years I have learned to not eat for weight loss or taste, but to eat for health. By eating for health I am able to give my body foods that it can use for energy through out the day. I admit I have fall backs just like anyone. During the holiday season it is always hard for me to maintain discipline with my eating habits, so I am currently starting all over again. Every January my family goes on a complete real food diet. The only foods that we consume are fruits and vegetables excluding starches. I am not going to lie  the first week or two is the hardest part. Cravings for sugar filled foods becomes unbearable. However, at that moment when you think you can not go on any longer, the cravings disappear and you feel amazing. You are full of energy and never experience that lethargic feeling you get when eating too much food. By the time you get in the swing of things it’s no longer January and you have loss up 20 pounds! A lot of times my parent will continue with the diet, after falling in love with the results. The only challenge that arises from this lifestyle is finding various recipes to keep the meals from getting boring.

I will be in going back to to school within the next couple of days. When I return, I plan to take on this challenge. Eating in a college dining hall makes it a a little difficult to have variety, but I plan to make do with what I have. My goal is to make this way of eating apart of my everyday lifestyle. For now I will be starting on January 15th and ending on February 15th. Feel free to join me. You do not have to start this month it can be anytime through out the year. I will be posting interesting recipes and meals that you may find helpful, while also updating about my progress. Feel free to do the same! Good luck!

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